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UCRO was founded in 2009 by Mr. Atwebembeire Keneth to advocate for the rights of children, especially the most vulnerable. Under the project motto “Save Our Children”, UCRO strives to ensure that all children in the area have access to education healthcare and a better standard of living.

UCRO is Registered, Community-Based Organization (CBO) Non-Profit in Uganda, that relies on donated funds from the community as well as our generous contributors who sympathize with the children's plight.

The property for the school was donated to UCRO by Mr. Keneth’s family. The original buildings were extremely crude wooden shacks. Thanks to continued perseverance, there are now four, permanent classrooms made of solid brick. However, the school still needs actual floors and walkways, as well as many other necessities.

UCRO is constantly striving to improve our ability to care for the children as well as expand the facilities for anticipated growth in the near future.

UCRO's current objective is to raise funds to finish the current construction, fund the children's education, care for the children and to build additional classrooms. Also, there are plans to increase the highest grade level taught to our students annually.

We are kindly requesting your consideration in being a potential financial contributor to our project so that we can purchase school supplies, sports equipment, mattresses, bedding, clothes, uniforms and medical care as needed for these orphaned and neglected children.


One-Time Donation

If you feel moved by the Children of  UCRO , we would appreciate your valued support very much.. It's easy to donate to UCRO. Most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help. Contact us today to learn more or click below to donate now.

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The Uganda Children Redemption Organization is located in Ntungu Nyakitunda Sub-County in the Isingiro District. It was founded in 2009 due to the alarming conditions under which young children are denied education and lack parental care. Originally assisting 55 Children in Ntungu, it has now grown to help 237 current students..

The feasibility study showed many of the children live under pathetic conditions, lack basic necessities and their parents are unable to care for them due to their own dire conditions forcing some children to develop the “Begging Syndrome Culture” The children’s age range is between ( 4-14) years.


Some are orphans and some have both parents but they are unable to care for their children’s or afford medical care. Some Children have dropped out of school due to inability to pay for school tuition and other costs including transportation for those students whose homes are far away.



To lift up and help children advocate for the rights and have accessibility to education for better standards of living in future.





"It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done ."




Founder & Project Manager

Atwebembeire Keneth

Head Teacher

Night Oliver

Assistant Headteacher

Tumwesigye Vicente

Director of Studies

Atwembembeire Ronald

Second Grade Teacher

Ahumuza Shillah

Nursery School Teacher

Arinaitwe Calorine

Nursery School Teacher

Turyahebwa Nelson

Nursery School Teacher

Arinaitwe Moses

Nursery School Teacher

Natuha Anisi





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